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Bassist at Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts*
     Powerless: A Striking New Musical (2018)
     Game Changer: A Pixelated Musical (2019)

     E-Scape: The Musical of Your Dreams (2022)

Bassist at Ramblewood Middle School*
     Little Shop of Horrors (2018)

Bassist for Fox on Cosmic Caravan (2021 - 2023)

Bassist at Carnegie Mellon University

     Catch Me If You Can (2019)
     This Side Up (2020)
     Behind Closed Doors (2020)
     Matthew Zwiebel's Composer Cabaret (2022)
     Box-O-Rox (2022)
     Magic Trick Rap Show (2023)

     Sunlight Sorbet (2023)

This Side Up Livestream


*Paid employment

Fox at Black Forge II


Sonic Arts minor at Carnegie Mellon University 
Maestra Mentorship with Meg Zervoulis (2020)
Bass, piano, and music theory training

Aysha stands outside holding her bass
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